We develop and support our software which helps banks and payment institutions to manage risk in all of their electronic payment channels.


Risk Based Authentication with VASCO Digipass

Decision Engine

Make rule and workflow decisions using the Decision Engine. Update data real time to influence the outcome of a transaction.

  • Comprehensive Real Time Rule Capability
  • Comprehensive Follow up Actions
  • Rule Hierarchy and Strategy
  • Rule Testing and Prior Analysis
  • Full Decision Paths Stored

Queue Engine

Place records into custom built queues for analysts and managers with comprehensive audit of prior and subsequent events.

  • Organisation of Queues into a Hierarchy
  • Individual Queue Records
  • Comprehensive Audit and Reporting
  • 'Grab and Lock' Mechanism
  • Storage and Presentation of Triggering Records

Workflow Engine

Graphically design, integrate and execute complex workflow processes launched by a Risk IDS user or by a Decision Rule match.

  • Make Decisions and Route Workflow execution
  • Send SMS, Email and Voice Notifications
  • Execute SQL and Database Procedures
  • Perform Arithmetic and Incremental Loop
  • Integrate to External Systems asynchronously

Decision Analytics

Build understandable, customisable and adaptable models, removing the black box feel to Decision Analytics.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting Engine
  • Logistic Regression
  • Bayesian Probability Networks
  • Classification Neural Networks
  • Anomaly Neural Networks